Girl burns ex-boyfriend’s house down for ‘closure on their relationship’

by 7 years ago

Relationships are a fickle beast. When they’re good, they’re great. When they’re bad, sometimes a girl sets your house on fire. Life in a nutshell.

Police say Kaelyn Marie Partenza set her ex-boyfriend’s house on fire after recently moving out. She claims that even after the breakup, she had been living “as a family” with both her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend at the time.

kaelyn marie partenza

Deerfield Beach Police

According to reports, after the falling out, Partenza went to the house “to get closure on her relationship with [ex-boyfriend Brian] Morris.”

Things don’t go well. Morris opened the door and pointed his handgun at her. The two then fought, scrapping on the stairs of the home. Partenza fled the scene as Morris threw his boots at her — injuring her in the process — leaving all of her stuff she’d come to collect on her front porch in the process.

Partenza came back shortly later and peeked through a gap in the door. When Morris noticed and tried to cover up the gap with a towel, Partenza then lit the door on fire using lighter fluid from a grill and a cigarette.

Fortunately, Morris’s current girlfriend was able to put the blaze out with a fire extinguisher before anyone was hurt.

Partenza now faces charges for arson in the first degree while Morris faces aggravated assault with a firearm and domestic violence.

I know their relationship has hit a rocky, fiery, bullet-y patch but here’s hoping these two crazy lovebirds can find a way to work things out. They’re clearly made for one another.