Girl feeds her bullies ‘semen-filled’ cupcakes

by 5 years ago

Talk about comeuppance. Authorities in Bakersfield, Calif. are investigating a tenth-grader who served cupcakes said to be filled with semen to students who were picking on her. On Thursday the bullied student at Centennial High School treated her tormenters to cupcakes that were allegedly made with pubic hair, semen, expired food and pills. When the students asked why the cupcakes tasted atrocious, she responded with the ingredients in her special recipe. However Bakersfield police Sgt. Joe Grubbs said that the tainted cupcakes were made with household kitchen items such as mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and soy sauce. Unfortunately for the cupcake critics they won’t know if it was baby batter or mayo because the treats were all thrown in the garbage. Personally I think the girl is lying because how would she collect semen? Is she gathering used condoms? Unless she’s milking her dog like in Van Wilder. Oh the humanity.

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