Is this girl really the owner of the flattest ass on Earth?

by 5 years ago

In its unending quest to be the premiere spot for horrible-yet-incredibly clickable headlines, TMZ is upping the ante, speculating as to whether Italian model Olga Kent has the flattest ass on Earth. And I’m such a weak man when it comes to my clicks.

Apparently the “debate” about Ms. Kent raged on at TMZ’s offices after this video from Splash News showing her in a bikini emerged:

So here’s the thing: Yes, that is a flat ass and yes giving it to her from behind probably feels like having sex with a hole in a wall. But the flattest ass ever? Come on. There are girls who love that terrifyingly skinny look whose asses are literally bordering on concave. Straight up vortex asses that suck up all the world’s anti-matter into it.

So no, she does not have that flat of an ass. And yes, I would still sniff it. Boom, they ask the questions, I answer them with gusto. My gift to you, America.

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