Girl sends douchey text after ‘breakup,’ Internet commenters do as they do

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Quin Woodward Pu is just a 26-year-old chick who was annoyed at some guy acting sketchy. She put the guy on blast on her blog. And then the Internet found out.

quin woordward pu

Woodward Pu explains the situation as follows (truncated because homegirl likes to ramble):

“I met some rando at a bar. He was friendly enough, but annoyingly and sloppily drunk, which is why I offered my email address when he asked for my number. We emailed later that weekend, and I met up for a few drinks, which eventually turned to dinner, and then champagne. We had relatively good chemistry…

“We had dinner the following weekend (as in, two days ago), and it was equally fun. I invited him to my birthday party…[but he] wouldn’t be in town, so he scheduled a weekend in Virginia wine country the following weekend.

“[I]magine my surprise–which quickly turned to fury–when I received the following text out of the blue yesterday. FYI I have done absolutely no editing on this conversation; the previous dialogue is from Saturday night when he told me not to dress up.”

The texts are suitably crazy:

texts composite

Kind of a crazy, not-at-all-humble-brag response but maybe sort of justified given how the dude also seems like a tool, too.

But it gets worse. Some “Men’s Rights” types — who can be vaguely logical at best and completely batshit at worst — have flooded the girl’s blog comments with all sorts of delightful words. Examples:

comment 1


comment 2


comment 3


comment 4


comment 5


So here’s the thing: Her text was bloated with narcissism, for sure. But she’s a woman blogging about her life. Anyone — regardless of gender — who feels like putting their memoirs to print is indulging in narcissism to some degree.

But this guy had to send a relationship text when they hooked up maybe once or twice, if at all, and went out a handful of times? That’s no better.

Her response was silly, especially if she did send this guy’s sexts to his bosses. But hey, maybe we shouldn’t send dick pics to chicks and then send texts with an overinflated sense of ourselves and how we’re not ready to commit to someone who might not be interested in us in the first place.

The answer, as always, is to look at your wrist with the “WWCD” bracelet. What would Chris do? If someone wants a relationship with Chris — or if Chris knows he doesn’t want a relationship with a girl — he fucking disappears. Reply to a text days later. Never be available. Only give direct replies if you’re asked. That’s just the polite way to handle things. That’s having class.

Also, Asian women’s vaginas appear no differently than any others. I’ve done the research so Internet commenters don’t have to.

(via Buzzfeed)

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