Girl takes selfie with attempted suicide behind her, newspaper gets revenge by capturing the moment

by 7 years ago

Note: When taking a selfie in front of someone about to jump off the Brooklyn Bride, you’re going to look bad. So bad that you might end up on the cover of newspapers.

The image made the cover of the NY Post with the headline “SELFIE-ISH! My photo with Brooklyn Bridge suicide dude”.

selfie fail

NY Post

In the interview inside with the girl, NY Post photographer Paul Martinka told the Daily Mail, “She was a tourist, I’m sure of that.”

The person contemplating suicide from the top of the bridge was talked down by the police, thankfully.

The more fitting ending? The guy drops something on the way off the bridge, the wind catches it and it strikes this girl in the head, knocking her unconscious for the rest of her NYC visit. But I’m just a hopeless romantic like that sometimes.

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