Gojee: Make food with what you have

by 7 years ago

There are a lot of recipes apps out there, and I suppose some are actually useful. I’ve just never found one that I’ve actually liked. Gojee, however, is different. It’s not about showing you food that’s out of the realm of possibility for you to make. It’s about showing you how to make food with what you already have.



It’s pretty straightforward: You add the stuff you have to a list, and the app offers up recipe suggestions. It’s more flexible than just that, though: There’s also an “I Dislike” section, so if you’re trying to be creative for a date when cooking at home, you’re better able to find ideas and recipes.

There are parts of it I don’t like. The fact that you have to either get an account on Gojee.com or use Facebook or your Google account to log in to a freaking recipe site is about a thousand shades of annoying. But the app interacts with the website, so once you’ve got, say, a list of stuff you’ve bought at the store, you can log into the website and scroll through recipes.

In short, it’s a good way to be creative and find new ways to cook without having to invest in cookbooks. Not bad for free.

Gojee [Google Play, also available on iOS]

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