Google Maps getting 3D, more detail, and off-line maps

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We’ve all experienced it: being stuck in the middle of nowhere, hopelessly lost, and with no cell signal to get a map up and figure out where the hell we are. Google, however, just solved that problem.

google trekkerAmid the total dork-fest that was the Google Maps event yesterday, was one “boring” feature that will be a life-saver: the ability to save maps for offline use on an Android device.

Yeah, you’ll have to plan ahead, but honestly, it’s pretty easy to toss a map of where you live onto your phone’s memory for use, and to pack in a few more maps of places you’ll be. Sorry, iOS users: it’s Android-only, for now.

Now, for the wackier parts of the event. First of all, everything will be modeled in 3D on Google Earth eventually, right down to trees and people in the photos. This is basically a feature that you’ll use once because it looks neat and then never bother with again; this is what a company with billions of dollars does for giggles.

There there’s the fact that more detailed Google maps will be coming courtesy of the “Trekker,” basically Google’s Street View equipment crammed into a backpack. That means Google Maps will get more detailed as the Trekker goes places cars and bikes can’t, like narrow alleyways or mountain trails, and that also some poor schmuck is going to be paid to walk around with this thing on for years, sacrificing his dignity for his paycheck.

Google: turning temp employee shame into convenience since 2000.

Google Reveals Trekker and New 3D Maps [Wired]

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