GoPro HD Hero 3 is the best tiny video camera money can buy

by 6 years ago

I’m a big fan of the GoPro HD Hero 2. This is partially because although it’s designed for extreme sports and the like, it’s also perfect for on-the-spot journalism and catching little moments that are otherwise difficult to do. All of this is a camera that’s roughly the size of a hockey puck. Yeah, the fisheye lens can be a little disorienting, but let’s face it, most of what we shoot on video looks like crap anyway.

GoPro HD Hero


Well, now it’s old and busted. The GoPro HD Hero 3 is here, and it’s probably all the camcorder you need for $400.

Why? Well, it shoots 4K video at 12 frames per second, which even two years ago was crazy talk. True, it’s not the full 24fps, but consider that 4K video rigs that do 24 fps generally run you thousands of dollars, and this thing costs $400.

It can also shoot 1080p video up to sixty frames a second, and 1440p video at up to forty-eight frames a second, which means any video you shoot with it will be beautifully fluid. Seriously, if you’re sick of smartphone video, this will be a pricey, but awesome, upgrade.

GoPro HD Hero 3 [GoPro]

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