‘Grand Theft Auto V’ details are starting to flow in

by 6 years ago

And man, is Grand Theft Auto V going to be MASSIVE.

Rockstar/Game Informer

Game Informer just published a huge expose on Rockstar’s latest and greatest. But to access it, you have to be a subscriber. So to find out all the dirty details, you can either sign up here or simply read on, because I have the cliff’s notes version:

– As you can see above, the game will have three main lead characters. Meet Michael, a retired bank robber who finds himself involved in crime once again, Trevor, a career criminal and junkie, and Franklin, some young punk kid and street hustler.

– You’ll get the chance to switch between all three characters, on the fly, pretty much anytime you’d like (though there will be exceptions in certain instances). There will be occasions in which they work together on missions, and thus requiring you to multitask by hoping back and forth.

– Each dude is his own person, with his own skills and abilities, plus personality, Each even has his own set of pals.

– Speaking of other people, part 5 supposedly takes place in the same “world” of part 4, meaning you might see some familiar faces from the last game. Though definitely no Niko Bellic, since Rockstar no longer wishes to do business with his voice actor.

– But The Game is coming back, to reprise is role from San Andreas, so there’s at least one PS2 era character returning.

– There will be plenty of rides available. In addition to the usual stuff, like cars and helicopters, you also have iBMX bikes, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, and WaveRunners.

– Side missions will be similar to Red Dead Redemption. Not only will they be more randomized, they’ll also be more fleshed out.

– Shooting will be better, as will be melee combat, plus driving. We’ve heard it all before, but cool.

– There will be no shortage of crap to do. Everything from taking part of triathlons, yoga, and even playing golf.

– You’ll be able to customize your characters, but it won’t be as extensive as in Sand Andreas.

– You’ll be able to make friends, and even enemies, but no girlfriends.

– And the biggest news of all is this: Los Santos will be gigantic. Bigger than Grand Theft Auto 4, San Andreas, and Red Dead Redemption combined. In addition to the city, there will be the wilderness, a military base, even the ocean floor to explore.

… Game sounds absolutely epic! Though I too am miffed that Rockstar refuses to have a female lead. Would have been the perfect time, since there’s not three. Oh well.

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