Green Day is guest starring in ‘Angry Birds’ for some reason

by 6 years ago

Surely there are better, more dignified ways of selling out.

I know I’m in the minority, but I could give a rat’s ass about Angry Birds. There are simply better iPhone games out there, in my humble opinion. At least I’m part of the populace that hasn’t given a rat’s ass about Green Day since the 90s.

All the girls I know in high school who were their biggest fans are now married with kids, according to Facebook. Which is appropriate, because that’s exactly the type of folk who will be playing this particular variant.

The band is appearing in Angry Birds Friends, the FB flavor of the game. According to Joystiq, it appears to be a platform to pimp some new tunes. It’s funny how bitching about a band not playing the songs you actually want to hear is no longer just a thing at shows but Facebook games. The future is truly now.

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