Growler and Mini Keg come together on Kickstarter

by 7 years ago

Warm beer is a thing of the past with this double-walled stainless steel Drink Tanks growler. The Kickstarter campaign is already fully funded, but there are still 28 days to reap the benefit.

What caught my attention was the fact that the beer stays cold. My favorite use for growlers has always been BYOB dinners. The problem is that it gets warm far too quickly. This solves that problem without tainting the taste of the beer, and that’s all I ask. The option for a tap top is intriguing, but more hassle in terms of CO2 and cleaning than I’m willing to deal with for 64 ounces. If you’re already accustomed to dealing with kegerators, it’s probably a breeze though.

Like many great Kickstarter campaigns, the Drink Tanks rewards are just pre-orders of the product. I would much rather have that than shirts, stickers, and a name in the liner notes. I want the product, not to be your brand ambassador.

Check it out on Kickstarter.

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