Guess which college basketball team won’t let players have orgies?

In order to play for the University of Georgia basketball team, you need to follow some rules—no drugs, no guns, no arrests and uh, no orgies or gangbangs. Because you’re not being an upstanding citizen if you’re crossing swords with a teammate. Assuming of course, it’s a MMF threesome. Totally different story if someone’s a Lucky Pierre. Right fellas?

The team’s policies were uncovered by students at the University of Maryland. Most of them refer to social media behavior, dorm room cleanliness, among other things. But there’s a section entirely devoted to treatment of women (good) and sexual behavior (bad):

-don’t spend all your energy in the bed all night
-Hicky’s/passion marks are never to be noticed by coaches
-One. Not two or three girlfriends

And the kicker…

-Stay out of gray areas. Orgies and gang bangs are inappropriate.

Georgia: As long as you’re an indentured servant, you will have sex with one woman and one woman only. Don’t you dare go sticking your penis in O.P.P. Got it?
Player: What about anal coach? Is that cheating?
Georgia: Yes.
Player: BJ’s?
Georgia: Yes.
Player: Handjobs?
Georgia: Well, let’s not get crazy here guys.

(via Scooby Axson at SI)