Guinness builds submarine bar at the bottom of the sea

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Jump Studios

To celebrate their 250th anniversary, Guinness has created a deep sea bar housed within a submarine. If you want to visit it though, you’ll have to make your way to Scandinavia.

At some point bars all start to run together. Sure some are dive bars and others are cocktail lounges, but at the end of the day a bar is a bar. That’s what makes a bar in a submarine at the bottom of the Baltic Sea that much cooler. There’s really nothing like it. And while I have no respect for Baltic Avenue on a Monopoly board, the sea is a different story.

To celebrate Guinness’s 250th anniversary we were commissioned by marketing agency Freud Communications to design the interior of a submarine for the first ever Guinness Deep Sea Bar, which recently plunged the depths of the Baltic sea in the Stockholm Archipelago.

We created an interior for the vessel – fitting a space approximately 11 m² – that reflected the Guinness brand statement ‘Alive Inside’. The solution was a fluid concept, constructed from GRP (glass reinforced plastic), that captures the feeling of being ‘immersed in a dynamic, flowing experience’.

We worked alongside carpentry and engineering specialist Nicholas Alexander on the construction of the interior, which had to meet stringent marine specifications on matters such as ventilation and fire safety, while also satisfying the operational requirements of the submarine.

I don’t know how I’m going to make it over there, but it’s going to happen. I’ve been watching a lot of SpongeBob lately, so my underwater pickup lines are on point.

Guinness Deep-Sea Bar / Jump Studios [Arch Daily]


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