This guy who caught a flash grenade to the balls is the unluckiest man alive

by 4 years ago

Think you’re having a bad day? Try being this dude who caught a flash grenade right to the balls in the most amazing 20 second video you’ll ever see.

The video, from the Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup loss riots, was originally posted in June 2011 but is blowing up just now thanks to Reddit.

According to one Reddit user, the object isn’t so much of a flash bang/flash grenade; it’s actually an explosive device that dispels rubber pellets when the charge ignites. So basically, a buckshot to the sack.

On the one hand, I feel for this guy deeply. On the other hand, there is nothing funnier to me than a man getting hit in the groin with a series of pellets. That’s a fair tradeoff when it’s not my balls in question.