Guy is so cheap that he’s trying to sell one of his testicles for $35,000

by 6 years ago

Mark Parisi is proud of how much of a spendthrift he is. And now he’s taking it to the next level: He’s looking to sell one of his testicles for a hefty $35,000 profit.

Parisi appeared on an episode of TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates to talk about his addiction to savings.

One of the ways he’s saved money is participating in medical trials for extra cash — previously, he had been injected with the Ebola virus for $5,000 per week. And now he’s trying to get into one study where they remove one testicle, replace it with an artificial nut, and then cut you a $35,000 check.

Are we sure that the pricing for this dude’s testicle is appropriate? It seems like a paradox. No one would want to procreate with a guy who’d sell his testicle just to make extra money but the only people willing to sell their testicles are guys who have bizarre money problems. Basically: If I’m this medical testing facility, I’m offering Mark $5,000 bucks for his testicle and not a penny more. It’s a buyer’s market.

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