Guy fakes own kidnapping to explain why he ran away from girlfriend

Rahmell Pettway is a 36-year-old man. But when he disappeared from home to get away from his girlfriend, he temporarily regressed to a child having a tantrum by pretending to have been kidnapped.

man hostage

Hostage image by Shutterstock

Police immediately suspected that Pettway had exaggerated his story when they found him tied up in the street with the rolls of duct tape still attached to his wrists. Pettway appeared injured and complained of injuries to his ribs.

Though he initially claimed that he couldn’t recall what happened, Pettway eventually changed course, telling officers that two men in a blue minivan took him captive near his Bedford-Stuyvesant home.

Eventually, the investigators broke him down and Pettway admitted to staging the scenario after disappearing from his girlfriend for two weeks without any word. Pettway allegedly told officers that he was afraid of what might happen with her.

A source in the police department told the New York Post that Pettway is “a total moron,” calling the kidnapping story a “pathetic attempt to pull the wool over [the girlfriend’s] eyes.”

The girlfriend has yet to make a comment about the incident. Something tells me her response echo the dignity and class Pettway carried himself throughout the entire scenario.