Guy has sex with donkey, claims he’s constitutionally allowed to do it upon arrest

by 7 years ago

Florida man Carlos Romero got arrested for allegedly making sweet sweet love to a miniature donkey. But then things got weird.

Ocala Police Department

Ocala Police Department

Police say that Romero, 32, has sex with Doodle, a two-year-old miniature donkey for which he was caring.

Romero’s attorneys don’t buy into the state’s law forbidding sexual acts with animals. According to the Ocala Star-Banner, the attorneys said that Romero is entitled to “personal liberty and autonomy when it comes to private intimate activities.”

Police reports say that, upon his arrest, Romero admitted to police that he finds himself physically aroused when being around animals in heat or in the act of mating.

Romero has yet to admit having sex with Doodle or any other farm animal. He did, however, admit that he had mutually masturbated himself and the donkey but did not have sex with her because she’s “blooming onto maturity.”

If there were a way for a story about a man having sex with a miniature donkey to get creepier, it’s that quote.

Romero was arrested and held on a $2,000 bond but is currently fighting to get Doodle back into his custody.