Guy makes weird discovery in old preschool photo

by 4 years ago

preschool photo

Jessica and Jason met as students at Florida State University.

They’d never met before — Jessica grew up in Lakeland, Florida, and Jason in Miami — which are about 235 miles from one another. They might as well have grown up in different states. Jason and Jessica started dating.

Months into their relationship, Jason introduced Jessica to his aunt. Oddly, his aunt had met her before, but almost fifteen years earlier. Jessica was a student that Jason’s aunt taught at her preschool. A school that Jason also attended briefly when he spent six months living with his aunt.

Jason went digging into his old photos and found a Halloween pageant picture and you’ve probably already figured out who else is in the shot.


Cool story but I thought he was going to find out the Strawberry Shortcake mask was a murderer. Not the girl in the mask, the actual mask.

[via 22 Words]