Guy who was married to woman 25 years ago for three days posts saddest Craigslist ad ever

by 4 years ago

It’s a love story as old as time: Guy meets girl in college, guy gets married to girl drunkenly, guy and girl get marriage annulled, guy moves to Japan and they never see each other again. Until a chance meeting on a train.

The story, posted to Craigslist earlier this week, is about a guy who fell in love with a girl in college in 1989 only to see her for the first time on the L train in NYC 25 years later. It’ll make you weep for lost love or, more likely, think this dude is kind of melodramatic.



I have to admit, there’s a sucker in me who hopes this guy — his melodrama aside — finds love with this girl after having lived a whole life and clearly not been able to let go of the childhood love they shared.

On the other hand, there’s this Onion article that probably best sums up the other side of it. Something tells me that if it were this truest of love he seems to think it was, she probably would have found a way to keep in touch. I’m pretty sure they have mail in Japan.


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