Guy needs cheating confession to get 10,000 likes for his wife to forgive him

by 6 years ago

A man cheats on his wife. Rather than accept his apology, she makes him post a Facebook photo that — if it gets 10,000 likes — will earn him her forgiveness. Social media, what have you done to us?!

Ivan Lewis posted the photo on Facebook on September 22nd. As of publishing this post, he’s got a little over 5,600 likes so far.

facebook cheat


His wife Sonya chimed in on the photo’s comments with support for “her man” saying, “It takes a man to do what he has done he gotta here all the jokes from his so called friends an family an he set that a side to prove his love for me what girl would not want that?”

Lewis says in the comments that his actions are his own, articulately saying, “I did do it on my own will she didn’t put no gun to my head I’m a 100% man an not little boy.”

I’m still waiting to hear the ugly girl’s stance on the matter before determining my stance. If she’s ugly with three exclamation points, her opinions must be valid because she has to have something going for her, right?