Guy posts photo of himself licking tacos during his job at Taco Bell

by 6 years ago

As if it weren’t disgusting enough resorting to eating tacos at Taco Bell, now you’ve got this to worry about.

taco bell lick


The image was posted by someone — presumably a friend of the perp — to the Taco Bell company Facebook page.

Some commenters on the Facebook post claim that there’s a good chance the tacos were in the process of being thrown out when the silly photo was taken.

Either way, it seems like this kid’s going to have some explaining to do. Hopefully because visitors of that Taco Bell are amazed by how delicious this batch of tacos is compared to their usual orders and then they demand this guy be hired back immediately. And that’s how the Doritos Taco Herpo helped Taco Bell win the Fast Food Wars in Demolition Man.

(via Happy Place)

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