Guy sues strip club after falling stripper leads to injury

by 6 years ago

How can a bachelor party go south without the tried and true method of the untimely death of a professional sex worker? According to one court filing, a stripper falling on you and rupturing your bladder.


According to a lawsuit filed in the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court last week, Patrick Gallagher went to a Philadelphia-area Penthouse Club for his bachelor party when things ended with the unintended pants explosion.

The lawsuit claims that one dancer worked her way up a pole just to come down and land on Gallagher’s abdomen.

The next morning, Gallagher woke up with severe pain in his stomach and needed an emergency room visit. The doctors found that Gallagher’s bladder had been ruptured due to the stripper’s unpleasant drop.

Gallagher’s lawsuit accuses the club of negligence and seeks $50,000 for medical costs, pain, humiliation and mental anguish.

And this, my friends, is precisely why robotic sex dolls will never work. I mean yeah, a falling stripper can be dangerous what with her bones and body weight and daddy issues. But imagine a robot with a slight malfunction and what it could do to your delicate, delicate nether regions. It’s just never going to happen, fellas.

There I go again, shifting the conversation to robot sex dolls. It’s like meeting my ex-girlfriend’s parents all over again.

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