Guy tries to steal girl’s purse, learns about girl power as she beats his ass

by 6 years ago

A helpful lesson to any would-be purse thieves: If a woman can effortlessly kick your ass, you should probably try a new line of work.

I’m super impressed by this woman’s defense, obviously, but my God is that the worst purse snatcher in history. I’ve never stolen a purse but I assume you’ve got to have a couple things:

1) A solid 40-yard dash time. Speed is of the essence.
2) Strong, fast hands. Gotta yank that purse out hard and efficiently.
3) Good enough balance so that a 120 pound woman launching a flying knee at you doesn’t send you flying five feet away.
4) You should probably at least be willing to kick the woman in the leg or something. You’re already the scum of the Earth, no reason to worry about chivalry now.

*Note: You should probably still not steal purses. These tips are purely educational. Important cultural anthropology.

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