A guy with two dicks did an AMA and revealed EVERYTHING there is to know about two dick life

by 5 years ago

Diphallia is a condition in which a man absorbs his twin at a very young age in the womb, taking on a second penis in the process. One man opened up about his condition and the life of a man with two dicks. And oh boy is it something.

The unidentified man, going by the name DoubleDickDude on Reddit, took a series of questions from the site’s users and it’s possibly even more interesting than you’d guess.

Here’s Mr. Slingshot Cock on how masturbation works:

Q: “Do you normally masturbate with 1 or both of them and if the answer is both, can you answer my next question…if you finish with one dick do you feel you have to finish with the other or do you do you feel you are done.”

A: “I have multiple orgasms, like I can shoot a load out of my right cock and cum oozes out of my left one. I milk it out and then can keep going with either and make another load within a few minutes. I think it may have a lot to do with the internal plumbing but I’ve shot about 10 loads in a 4 hour period before.”

two dicks


Ol’ Flying V Dong reveals the following about how he drops the info on would-be lovers:

Q: “How do you break the news to girls you’re hooking up with? Is it a “prepare yourself, mortal” or more of a “ooooooHELLOWTF” type of deal?”

A: I did both for a while, but I [don’t] date anymore, i’m in a relationship with a guy and a girl, and have been for a while. back in my teens i tried both ways and it was never predictable. the easy girls sometimes screamed and ran (literally once) as much as the virgins did. never could figure that out. But guys, guys NEVER run and ALWAYS follow through. Mostly straight guys, and they always at the very least touch and play with them a little. Some have even sucked me off so THAT was always the wild thing, the straight guys giving me head.

He also elaborated on how women react when they’ve found out in the past:

“[It] varies from girl to girl. Some have been like WOW. some have been like THATS FAKE! some have freaked out like, called me names. Most are pretty curious, but i dont have casual sex anymore, i stopped a few years back. Didnt like the empty feeling inside after a 1 night stand. did a lot of those in my late teens. A LOT of them. but for the most part, girls were nervous and some changed their mind at the last minute. dudes NEVER change their mind, they always want it even if they’re freaked out a little. lol.”

Lol indeed.

And of course, many women he’s met have been ambitious about time spent in bed with him.

Q: “Has a female ever asked to put both inside her at once?”

A: “Yep. Many…[it went] very nicely, she complained later though that her cervix was poking out and that her hole was huge.
[S]he kept coming back for more at least for 3 months. lol.”

But how does peeing work? Does he pee from both dongs?

“[Y]up and its not tricky, [I’ve] pee’d from both all my life. ;)”

The winky face really drives the point home.

Let’s get down to double dick brass tax…what’s the best sexual experience he’s ever had?

A: “[T]wo dudes in my ass at the same time, with each dick in a different girl who were riding me, pussy to pussy, while a guy and girl stood over me and let me eat/lick/suck on them while they fucked.”

Really puts my best sexual experience of masturbating with porn on the TV and the laptop at the same time into perspective.

The full AMA is certainly worth a read if you have time and if you can deal with the fact that his constant usage of “lol” looks somewhat like the structure of his genitals. And, if you must, a photo of both penises — a VERY NSFW PHOTO, literally DOUBLY NSFW — is available here.