Guy uses ventriloquist dummy to pick up chicks in the subway

by 5 years ago

Who do you turn to when you don’t have a good wingman but are able to throw your own voice? A ventriloquist dummy. And this guy used his ventriloquist dummy as well as one can to pick up chicks in the subway.

I get there was a ton of pressure on the train for that first girl to give that guy her number but, honestly, I’m really hoping he didn’t. Like there’s a 10% chance anyone with a puppet is criminally insane and if I didn’t see this dude in an internet video, there’s like a 75% chance I’d think he was also homeless and probably looking for change mere minutes earlier. All for creative pickup artistry and all but if I’m a chick, I’m keeping that snizz on lock for anyone trying to sleep with me who has his hand up anything’s ass.