Some guy was waiting in line for a Wii U during the hurricane

by 6 years ago

Isaiah Triforce Johnson (that’s his real name; he legally had his middle name changed to reflect his love for Nintendo) dared to live the impossible dream, and it has been crushed by mother nature and Hurricane Sandy.


And what dream is that exactly? To be the very first person to own a Wii U; he’s always first in line for whatever new thing Nintendo is selling. Triforce is a staple of the New York gaming scene; I first met him when I was covering the launch of the original Wii back in 2006.

He’s a nice guy, but a little strange. After-all, the Wii doesn’t come out for another 21 days, and this dude has been in line for over a week already. His obsession… sorry, dedication… puts even the most ardent Apple fanboy to shame.

But yeah, according to Kotaku, he was told by Rockefeller Center security to get lost, due to the oncoming storm, which is essentially causing all of New York City to be shut down…

Unfortunately, they just found a reason that works; he’s perpetually being harassed and told to get lost. You’d think Nintendo would, at this point, tell whomever to leave him alone. Which I guess is slightly indicative of how they feel about the guy.

Actually they dig the dude, like they love all their diehard fanboys (sorry, but pretty much all of Nintendo’s hardcore fans are eccentric, to put it mildly). But not enough to give him free stuff or a job, for all the PR he does for them.

For those wondering how he so much time to blow: Triforce is a professional gamer. He runs an outfit that makes money in Street Fighter tournaments. I’d say something, but given that I pay my rent by posting Sifl & Oly vids, I shouldn’t be knocking this guy in the first place.

Triforce claims that he’ll be back once Sandy has passed. And you know what would be funny? If some guy totally stole his spot. That would hilarious.

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