Guys’ brilliant scheme of stealing $65,000 in chicken wings goes wrong

Ever wonder what Ocean’s Eleven would be like if they opted to rob a Tyson Chicken Wings factory instead of a casino? Wonder no more!

chicken wing thieves

Gwinnett County police

Gwinnett County, GA police arrested Renaldo Jackson and Dewayne Patterson after suspicions that the duo stole over $65,000 worth of chicken wings from a Tyson Chicken storage facility.

CBS Atlanta estimates that the duo somehow made out with over 26,000 pounds of chicken wings at a typical retail price of $12.50 per five-pound package.

A woman claiming to be Patterson’s mother told CBS Atlanta that she was surprised by the charges, saying “[Patterson is] a really law-abiding person…I don’t understand that at all.”

The duo was charged with one count of of felony theft and released on a bond.

Where do you even store that many pounds of frozen chicken without a reasonably enormous freezer? Were these two planning to sell the goods on some sort of chicken wing black market? Is there even a market for 25,000 pounds of chicken in the Georgia area? A lot of unanswered questions here.

Feel free to make your own chicken wings/Super Bowl related jokes here. I shan’t be a part of it.