GVSU removes wrecking ball sculpture due to Miley Cyrus parody video

Grand Valley State University had to remove a wrecking ball sculpture on its campus because students were riding it naked in tribute to Miley Cyrus. One man uploaded his parody video to Vine. It’s glorious.

The wrecking ball sculpture has been on the campus for years. To the best of our knowledge nobody had ridden it naked, that is, until recently. More proof that Miley Cyrus is responsible for the decline of Western Civilization.

The school is concerned with the structural integrity of the ball which hangs from 15 feet of steel cable. The structural integrity seemed fine when people’s genitals weren’t touching it, but I digress.

There’s a Twitter account devoted to updates of the GVSU wrecking ball. So, yea, this is a thing. Students are protesting the removal at 8pm tonight. Here are some other folks swinging on GVSU Wrecking Ball. Let’s hope they can one day ride again.