‘Gyoretsu Nageloop’ is like a ‘Mulholland Drive’ video game

by 7 years ago

Even for a totally wackjob game from Japan, this latest for the 3DS is by far one of the most stupefying.

When the trailer for Gyoretsu Nageloop began making the rounds a few weeks back, everyone was left scratching their heads. It appears to be about two totally hip chicks, perhaps best friends. And how one of them gets sucked into outer space.

Gameplay footage popped up shortly thereafter, which gave a taste of what gameplay might be possibly like. And can you believe it’s like Magnetica and Zuma?

But surrounding the action is a storyline. The following highlight reel, courtesy of Destructoid, pretty much has it all: a stroll through the city, interpretive dancing, the awkwardness that is waking up from a mid-class nap, grenades, ninjas, and lesbians. I think?

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