Handgun screwgun is silly yet awesome

by 6 years ago

Everybody needs a screwgun. Especially as you escape from college and start moving every couple of years, you’ll find yourself pulling a lot of screws out of walls and putting a lot of screws into flat-pack furniture.

handgun electric screwdriverSo, hey, you might as well have fun doing it.

Hence, the Handgun Screwgun.

Now, granted that this is a little more expensive than just getting a drill from the hardware store and waiting for the the screwdriver set to go on sale, and, okay, it’s underpowered a bit with a 3.6 volt motor. But there are two factors here that are important to consider.

First, the whimsical design makes you smile every time and is actually convenient: The bits slot into the “chamber” of this revolver. Furthermore, there’s a small LED in the barrel that gives you a light. This is actually pretty useful; trust somebody who’s had to remove screws in small, dark spaces.

Secondly, the gun grip is actually a pretty good design decision. A lot of electric screwdrivers are a pain in the ass, or rather, hand, and this makes it easy to use. Besides, don’t you miss owning toy guns?

Ready, Aim, Screw [Chip Chick]

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