Hear a kid literally argue with himself in ‘Modern Warfare 3’

by 7 years ago

Dumb asses arguing with sound bytes from movies and the like while playing online (especially FPSs, such as Modern Warfare 3) is somewhat common these days. But what if one such moron was literally arguing with himself? Now we’re talking comedy gold.

The clip above first surfaced on Reddit and has since been making the rounds, for good reason. Basically, some guy encountered a particularly argumentative idiot child while using a Christian Bale soundboard and decided to isolate the kid’s voice.

Who then immediately played it back at the kid. Often just a few seconds after something was said. The result? You have the kid arguing himself for over five minutes.

Some of the exchange sounds so perfect that it almost seems faked, especially starting at the 4:10 mark. But it’s apparently legit. By the way, best YouTube comment thus far? “This is simultaneously the funniest and most soul destroying thing I have seen all year :(“

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