Help keep a bear, tiger, and lion living together in harmony

by 6 years ago

A bear, tiger, and lion were seized from a drug dealer’s house as cubs back in 2001. They’ve lived together in a sanctuary until today when new federal regulations are now threatening their happiness.

The trio was initially brought to a sanctuary and forced to separate for their safety. But they grew despondent in isolation and only perked back up when they were moved in together.

bear tiger lion


The wildlife sanctuary who’s kept them together, Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Georgia, may close down if they can’t raise funds to erect a new 16-foot high fence to meet the regulations.

A Facebook post has gone viral with over 75,000 likes and 20,000 shares promoting the animal sanctuary’s cause to keep the trio together.

You can donate to the sanctuary’s fundraising page at Crowd Rise here. They’ve raised $180,000 out of their $489,000 goal as of Wednesday morning.

Not convinced? This video might help: