Help make Zane Lamprey’s new drinking show, ‘Chug’

Zane Lamprey is responsible for the two best travel/drinking shows since Wild on E!, and he’s looking to make a third with help from Kickstarter. If Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy are indicative, Chug should be an amazing show.

Chug will follow Zane’s journeys as he travels the world exploring the greatest drinking destinations. Arriving by train, Zane will imbibe with the locals as he gives you a first-hand look at what it’s like to drink in unique locations around the world.

The question will always be the same. Why should I back this project? More often than not you are simply pre-ordering a product on a Kickstarter. Whether it’s a band’s LP or a tech company’s newest gadget, there is some tangible reward at the end of the campaign. While you may not get a fancy bottle opener by mail, there is certainly an object of this campaign. You get a TV show that otherwise wouldn’t exist. The way I look at it, how much would you pay for this on DVD. I arbitrarily came up with the $35 mark, so that’s where you should donate.

You should really check out the Kickstarter campaign for the full details and then decide for yourself. Maybe if he gets over-funded he’ll take me on as a sidekick.

From Zane himself:

I thought, with the success of “Three Sheets” and “Drinking Made Easy” we’d have any easier time raising the money for “Chug“…

If I starred in a sitcom on a major network or was as popular as Kristen Bell (her Kickstarter campaign raised 5.7 million dollars to make a movie from her cancelled TV show, “Veronica Mars”), we’d already be in pre-production on “Chug”. But, alas, I have hosted drinking shows on fringe networks, and I am not a peppy blonde that once had a show on the CW. That just means I have to work hard to make my dream a reality. That’s fine. I’ve been doing that my entire adult life.

Some people see pledges as donations. They’re not. Kickstarter backers are pre-buying the show that we have yet to make. You are helping us to reach our goal, but you are also getting something in return, a TV show. For those who choose to spend more, we appreciate it, and trust that the rewards equal the investment.

I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. Everyone in my office (Yes, I have an office. Despite popular belief, I do not work out of a bar… well, all of the time) has dropped their other responsibilities to focus entirely on the “Chug” campaign for the last month and the next month– people that I pay, in an office that I rent.

But, we can’t do it alone. We need you. We appreciate your moral support. It feels great that tens of thousands of people have “Liked” our campaign on Facebook. But we really need your pledge if this show is going to get made. Every dollar helps, and $25 will get you the entire season, sent to you.

People who are not part of the Kickstarter program will NOT get to see the show when it’s done. They’ll have to wait for it to come out on DVD or iTunes, months and months after the Kickstarter backers have watched, laughed, and drank along with at least six episodes– hopefully more!

If our campaign is unsuccessful, you won’t be charged a dime. On May 31st, the last day of our campaign, Kickstarter will charge your credit card (through their service with Amazon), or they won’t. Until then, you won’t be charged and can modify your pledge however you’d like.

Please share our story with your friends, family, bartenders, passersby and random people in restaurants. Help spread the word on your social media, shout it from the mountain tops, or get one of those banners pulled by a propeller plane.

But please. Pledge a little.

Your money will go directly to the show. It will be spent on the travel costs, production, crew, editing, and fulfillment of the Kickstarter rewards. I didn’t get rich making episodes for Mojo and HDNet, and I won’t here either. I make money from selling t-shirts and other merchandise. I just want to continue doing what I do best– getting hangovers for your entertainment.

I need everyone to band together to get the word out and to take action, pledging whatever you can. I am sincerely grateful to you for believing in what we’re doing. Thank you.