Here’s a guy in a Ferrari running over the foot of an NYC cop

by 7 years ago

A Ferrari owner was in the process of getting a ticket from an NYC cop for parking somewhere he shouldn’t in SoHo. The guy got into his car and tried to drive away, running over the cop’s foot in the process.

The Internet is all “Rah rah, take that, you rich spoiled brat!” over this clip. And hey, the guy certainly seems to look and act like a douchebag. But real inhabitants of New York City will instantly empathize with the officer basically acting as a traffic cop (even though he’s an actual officer). And NYC traffic cops are basically one step above the piles of crap that police horses leave on the street. They wait for meters to tick down just to give some hard-working stiff a ticket, poorly handle traffic flow, and are generally the worst. So let’s equally hate all the characters in this video. Except the hot girlfriend. Never the hot girlfriend.

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