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by 7 years ago
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Children doing hilarious things is perhaps the reason animated GIFs were created. Take a look at this comprehensive list we've put together of some of the best the internet has to offer.

Get away from her you little rapist.

"I got this, don't worry."

The rare double fail in one GIF.

Baby is terrified of cold water.

Thieves, all of you!

She likes her heavy metal I take it.

Sad baby, happy baby. Sad baby, happy baby.

Way to take advantage of your little brother for the purposes of your webcam business.

Just more proof that swans are smarter than humans.

It's like two pulling guards.

Meanwhile in Russia.


Talk to the hand.

A for effort, E for execution.

Rollin' with his homies.

Easy tough guy.

Just taking my girl out for a spin.

"You're gonna catch me right?

"Daddy, this is how mommy drives right?

Learning the belly flop early.

The freakiest of all kid GIFs.

Not exactly a little Einstein is he?


Wait for it....wait for it...

And they say girls are smarter than boys at that age.

The last and certainly not the least GIF of a child attempting to dive.

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