Hottest NYC clubs are now packed — with children under 12

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If you’re an NYC club person, and you noticed the club kids getting crazy young, you’re probably not imagining stuff. You’re also probably going to get arrested.

Fuzipop organizes dance parties for kids at some of the biggest nightclubs around Manhattan. The raves are held once a month and the ages of kids range from as young as 6 up to 12 years old. Parents also must attend. A three-hour dance party averages $20 for the parent and child and $60 for a family of four.

A CNN Money reporter attended the typical Funzipop romp at the Pink Elephant in the West Village. Here’s the report.

Inside, parents lined up the full cash bar as their kids leaped around the dance floor shouting out the words to “What Does the Fox Say.” The tables usually reserved for VIPs ordering pricey bottle service were littered with champagne glasses and juice boxes. The bartender, who’s used to serving a liquored-up, over-21 crowd on Saturday nights, was surprised by how much the parents were imbibing. The most popular drink that afternoon was vodka.

I dreamed of hell last week. It was exactly like this party except the vodka was really peanut brittle and it wasn’t getting me drunk and I just sobbed and sobbed and sobbed to the beat of that Fox song.

Did I mention a 9-year-old DJs the parties? You probably just assumed. His name is FredMau5 which is actually his given birth name.

Kids Under 12 Now Party At New York’s Hottest Nightclubs — And No, We’re Not Kidding [Business Insider]


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