How to cut a watermelon in half using just rubber bands

In this video we see YouTuber ‘CrazyRussianHacker’ giving us a tutorial on how to cut a watermelon clean in half using just rubber bands. It’s neither practical or faster than using a knife, but it is awesome.

I highly suggest watching this video at 2x speed, and maybe turning down your speakers a little because every time they break a rubber band they giggle like Russian school girls. The money shot comes around 2:03 in the video….

I’ll be the first to admit that this is about 100x more entertaining than the garbage I get up to when I’m bored. Good on them for at least doing something cool enough that it entertains not only them, but me watching at home.

Let’s see that beautiful bean footage one more time in GIF….


That was at least 5x more violent than I was expecting, and for that I’m thankful.


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