How to make your own marshmallows

by 7 years ago

You can find anything on YouTube, including detailed instructions on how to create your own marshmallows. Sorry Stay Puft Marshmallow Man; I’m all homemade now.

I should be upfront. The main reason I really like this video is that I drink more hot chocolate than a single, grown man should. If you’ve ever been somewhere that makes marshmallows in-house, you know they are at least 84x better than anything store bought. Trust me, I’ve tried just about all of them. Plus when you’re making your own, you control the recipe. Why bother with vanilla when you could get that same flavor from bourbon? That’s right, booze marshmallows are coming to a kitchen near me.* I don’t own a stand mixer yet, but you can be damn sure I’m going to get one now that I see how easy this is. Whiskey rice crispy treats for everyone!

*Watch for an eventual followup featuring my absolute failure trying to make these.

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