Hydros: A water bottle that fills from the side

by 7 years ago

Water bottles have a serious flaw in their engineering, one seemingly impossible to overcome: Gravity. Ask anybody with a big water bottle and a shallow sink: Having to fill your bottle from the top is a pain in the ass.



Unless you have a Hydros!

The Hydros is perhaps a bit over-engineered, actually, as water bottles go. Not only does it fill from the side, which really would be selling point enough, it also has a built-in water filter, so if you’re germphobic, you can finally fill your bottle at public fountains with confidence.

Why all the work on something that’s been perfectly acceptable for a couple of thousand years? Hydros is actually designed to collect money for clean water infrastructure in the Third World. In fact, the bottle itself is designed to be a cheap, portable water filter so people in remote areas can get clean water.

And in the tradition of most people trying to help the Third World, they also sell the product to the First World to raise money and make those of us whose biggest problem is what’s happening with our fantasy league feel better about ourselves.

But hey, at $27, it’ll be the nicest water bottle you’ve ever owned.

Hydros [Official Site]

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