If Florida was a condom, these speed bumps would be ribbed for Satan’s pleasure

by 6 years ago

There is absolutely NO REASON whatsoever to have speed bumps such as these. All they do is cause problems to cars, and subsequently get nicked up overtime and need replacing.

h/t PGP

As a born and raised Floridian though, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. You’ve got these gated communities of retired folks who never actually leave their homes, yet are deathly afraid of the kids outside hot-roddin’ up and down the streets causing a ruckus. And because they haven’t seen the face of a steering wheel in 25 years, and get all their sh*t brought to them by delivery, and relatives…and have poor landscapers coming in with trailers and f*cking up their trucks on these things…well, they could care less.

These speed bumps represent everything that is wrong with Florida, the retirement capital of the world: old people imposing asinine restrictions on the people who actually do their work for them. Makes my bunghole pucker in anger just thinking about it!


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