‘I’m so Lansing’ is the MSU version of Iggy Azalea’s hit and GOD THIS IS AWFUL

I'm So Fancy

We’re closing in on August which means kids are bored as hell and making parody videos and UGH, I hate Millenials. This new one inspired by Iggy Azalea is the worst man. The absolute worst. Ok fine, it’s a little catchy. When she said, “Who dat who dat – I-Z-Z-O That do that do that – I-I-Z-Z-O Who dat who dat – I-Z-Z-O” I kinda liked it and OH NO, WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?!

The song was created and performed Amber “Alabama” Cole, a Lansing based radio DJ who clearly has too much time on her hands.

Just remember I’m not a musician/producer… there’s a reason my job is TALKING on the radio and not rapping!

Yeah, I’m pretty sure we got that message loud and clear.