Imo adds free voice calling

by 8 years ago

It seems ridiculous to use an app on your iPhone to make voice calls, but if you don’t need to burn your minutes, why waste them? Especially if you’re using Imo.

Imo, available for iOS and Android, is an instant messaging aggregator. You bring together all your messaging accounts under one banner and makes using them fairly easy on the go. The biggest competitor it had was Meebo, and that got eaten by Google.

Imo has actually had voice calling available on Android for a while, but in a switch, it hasn’t been available for iOS until now.

The basic idea is something you’re probably familiar with. If you’re near a WiFi connection, you make calls using VoIP instead of cellular networks, thus saving you a few minutes and without burning your data.

Of course, it doesn’t work if you don’t have access to a WiFi connection. And sometimes calls make more sense. But if you’re near one, you can save a little time. Also, it annoys Apple, and that’s always worth taking a little time.

Imo Rolls Out Freed Voice Calls For iOS [Engadget]

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