In Japan, your typical man cave is a full-blown arcade

by 6 years ago

Whereas your spare room is a graveyard for useless crap that’s avoided, unless there’s something else to add to the pile, in Japan, they turn theirs into ever gamer’s paradise.

Remember yesterday’s 1,000 Japanese Nintendo cartridges as dominoes? Especially how I was slightly more into where it took place? Well, check this out…

According to Kotaku, some dude simply transformed the storage room in his place into a retro arcade. One filled with all the usual trappings: both upright and cocktail machines, a change machine, game magazines, framed game posters, even ash trays (smoking is legal in amusement centers in such places).

Oh, and most of the games are shumps, which again is a staple of arcades over there. The only thing missing is the passed out salary man who missed the last train back home. But yeah, the scene above really makes me miss Japan; I pretty much spent my entire trip in such places. Along with their version of McDonald’s.

You’ll have to trust me on this; their take on the Quarter Pounder With Cheese, which is enhanced with a egg and teriyaki sauce, has to be tasted to be believed.

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