Instagram does something good for Facebook

by 7 years ago

There’s one problem with looking at Facebook on your phone: any photos your friends post are eye-bleedingly tiny. If you want to see a photo, you’ll have to click on the status and wait for the photo to load.



It’s especially annoying because photos show up just fine in Facebook itself, but on the mobile app, apparently that’s impossible.

Well, until now. As much as I’ve railed about Instagram, they’re about to make everybody’s lives a little easier.

It’s pretty simple: yesterday Facebook rolled out an update to its mobile website and Android/iOS apps (sucks to be you, Windows Phone users) that actually makes the damn photos visible.

Not surprisingly, it actually uses Instagram’s layout and design in order to have a photo fill your screen completely instead of a tiny thumbnail.

Honestly, it really does make a world of difference. You can scroll through your feed a lot faster, and you no longer have to wait for photos, even galleries, to load.

In short, you can stay on top of your friends and interests about a thousand times easier now. Now if we can just get people to stop posting political images as status updates.

Facebook Takes a Cue From Instagram [TechCrunch]

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