iPhone 4 mirror: Yeah, this isn’t a bad idea at all

by 6 years ago

We’re all vain to some degree. We’ve all stopped to quickly check our hair in a store window. We’ve all discreetly checked our suit for crumbs when nobody was looking.

iphone mirrorBut some of us are vainer than others, and not only want to make sure they look good, they want to display a status symbol while doing it. And probably get said status symbol yanked out of their hands while doing their makeup or checking their blowout.

Hence, the iPhone mirror, which actually rips the back off your iPhone 4 and puts a mirror there.

That’s right, this isn’t a silly case, it actually directly modifies your iPhone. Fortunately, installing this thing won’t void your warranty, and it’s not glass, so those are two bonuses.

Essentially, you bust out your handy pentalobe screwdriver (what, you don’t own a complete toolkit for messing with computers? That’s just me? OK), remove the back panel, and screw on your mirrored panel. Yep, that’s it. It’s really that easy.

Now, explaining why you’re such a huge nerd that you own a pentalobe screwdriver, and yet are so vain you need a mirror in your pocket at all times, that’s a lot harder.

iPhone 4 Mirrored Panel [iFixit]

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