There’s an iPhone case that doubles as a hotspot?

by 8 years ago

Previously we told you about NetZero’s new cheap WiFi hotspots, but they’re not the only game in town when it comes to kind of slow but serviceable data connections. FreedomPop is another, and they have an idea so wacky it might actually work.

freedompop iphone case hotspotNamely, selling you an iPhone case that comes with its own data plan, hotspot capabilities, and WiMax radio.

It sounds silly, but it’s actually kind of brilliant. Using the iPhone for your WiFi is expensive, to say the least; cell phone carriers are pretty nasty with their tethering charges. But it’s also a pain for some people to lug around a WiFi hotspot if they rarely need one.

The main question is, of course, how much this case will cost, and how many people will make actual use of it. It’s certainly useful for road warriors who need to slim down, but definitely need a WiFi backup. But for the man on the street, we’re not so sure.

Either way, though, it beats the iPhone case that has a phone in it.

No, really, that exists.

FreedomPop rumored iPhone case with WiMax radio [Engadget]

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