Is this art? Woman collects period blood cloths for FIVE YEARS

by 6 years ago

What’s worse than a woman’s period? A woman putting together a display of her period blood dating back FIVE YEARS. Yum.

period room


Carina Ubeda took cloths with her period blood, put them in embroidery hoops, and stitched words like “Production,” “Discard,” and “Destroyed” underneath the stains.

The woman is unable to wear traditional pads or tampons due to her allergies according to Soy Chile.

According to the Daily Mail, Ubeda kept all of the fabrics in a cushion saying, “I keep things because I always say, ‘I’ll do something with it.'”

Ubeda claims that it’s a piece of abstract and that there’s nothing dirty or disgusting about it.

“When I look at the cloth, I do not see that, but an abstract image,” Ubeda said.

The “artwork” is being displayed at Chile’s Center of Culture and Health. Or you could just grab a jar full of pennies, sniff it, and get the same general idea. Your choice.

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