Is this the hottie A-Rod passed notes to during Game 1?

by 7 years ago

Despite A-Rod’s current fling with former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson, he’s still on the prowl for more ladies. According to the New York Post, A-Rod was spotted flirting with two women during Game 1 of the ALCS.

Coincidentally, we tweeted out this screen capture of one of the ladies that same night.


“The girls, who had already caught two balls, seemed bemused at first and tried to hand the ball to another fan, but other fans noticed the note on it and yelled at them to read it.

“The note asked them to write their phone numbers on the ball and throw it back,’’ the witness said.

“One of the girls, with darker blond hair, wrote . . . on the ball and threw it back at A-Rod, who gave her a big smile.”

Let me paint a picture for you. A picture of what probably happened this morning at the Alex Rodriguez home.


Torrie Wilson wakes up. Stares lovingly at the picture of A-Rod as a centaur. Goes to retrieve the morning paper. Opens it up, reads Page 6.

Goes back to the bedroom, DDT’s A-Rod off the bed, snaps his neck.

Calls Joe Girardi informing him of A-Rod’s death. Girardi thanks her, wires her a million dollars as a token of his appreciation.


(Some investigate work reveals some more pics. Also, the girl’s left before the game’s conclusion, thus making them crappy fans.)




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