‘It doesn’t get better’ is the hilarious PSA for people who peaked in high school

by 5 years ago

If this guy in the photo isn’t a dead ringer for what the bi-product of Jim Harbaugh and Luke Wilson having sex would look like, I don’t know who is. Provided, of course, that sex between to men could produce something other than, well…I’ll leave it at that.

Peaking in high school has got to be the WORST. Fortunately for me, I chose to excel at golf, so being a big swinging high school dick was never really even an option. I hung out on the outskirts of cool. The guys who were the captains every varsity team people actually gave a shit about in my high school had varying paths after college ended, but there are definitely a few of them who can literally star in this video. Must be a tough, horse-sized pill to swallow the day you wake up and realize working the late night manager shift at a Budget Rental Car in Trenton, NJ is as good as it’s ever going to get.

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