It’s Obama vs. Romney in the form of ‘Infinity Blade’

by 7 years ago

What happens when you strip a mediocre iOS game of its only saving grace, the killer graphics, and add a massive dose of politics? Why, you get something called VOTE!!!

As the trailer above demonstrates, you choose the Presidential nominee that you want to win this November, and have him beat the other guy into a pulp with the help of microphones and hot dogs.

It plays like a lot like Infinity Blade, one of the most overrated iOS games of all time, and here’s the funny part: it’s by that game’s makers. Why? No clue.

But the thing that confuses me the most is how Chair/Epic Games, the developer who has raked in a mountain amount of cash from the aforementioned iPhone and iPad sensation, can’t afford an even halfway decent Obama sound-alike.

And the guy doing Romney’s voice ain’t much better either.

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